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Krumor, Inc. was founded in 1971 in the state of New Jersey (U.S.A.). The original product line was limited to specialized thermocouples for the glass industry. In the 1990’s, the product line was expanded to include standard thermocouple and RTD designs utilized throughout a wider spectrum of industries. The company has also expanded its reach to serve customers in other countries. This continuous growth has periodically required the company to add employees and relocate operations to larger facilities. Krumor, Inc. is presently located near Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.A.).

Our Philosophy

Krumor, Inc. is a customer driven company. What does customer driven mean to us? Krumor must provide quality products, technical assistance, and be flexible enough to eagerly discuss new designs and approaches. We must ship our products as promised, and work closely with our vendors to continually decrease costs and lead times. We must keep our system simple and our overhead low. But, above all, we must communicate directly with our customers. As in the past, our future direction and continued success will be determined by our customers, and we must always listen – listen to their problems, listen to their requirements, listen to their options, and listen to their suggestions.

The above statement is not a goal, an objective, or our management’s current fad. We believe it to be a fact. From our inception in 1971, we have grown our product line customer by customer, as a result of direct discussions about their problems, concerns, and ideas. We listen and respond. It is, and should be, that simple.

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