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Extension Wire

Krumor provides insulated thermocouple grade or extension wire for connections between Thermocouples or RTD’s and measurement and control instrumentation – from a single pair to multiple sets with shields, drain, and overbraiding. Please note that Krumor shipping tolerances are the industry standards of +/- 10% of length ordered, per line item. Exact lengths can be ordered, and should be specified at time of order (may affect pricing).

Standard options to consider and discuss include:

  • Calibration – (specify sensor type)

  • Accuracy – Standard, Special, Extension grade

  • Conductor Size - (Specify by wire gauge size)

  • Conductor Form – Solid, Stranded

  • Number of conductors – (pairs, triads, etc.)

  • Conductor Insulation – PVC, Teflon, fiberglass, etc.

  • Overall Jacket Insulation – PVC, Teflon, fiberglass, etc

  • Other Options – Twisting, Shielding, Drain Wire, Overbraiding 

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