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Base Metal Thermocouples

Base Metal Thermocouple assemblies are appropriate wherever heavy duty service requires larger diameter thermoelements than are commonly available with Sheathed Thermocouples. Heavy duty service can mean,

1) temperatures at the high end of the acceptable range for the selected calibration, or,

2) the temperature information being provided is too important (or dangerous) to be without, or ,

3) the thermocouple’s location makes replacement difficult or costly. Regardless, Base Metal Thermocouple assemblies continue to serve as a relatively low cost and dependable construction for rugged applications.

Standard options to consider and discuss include:

  • Wire size and calibration – N, K, J, E, T

  • Number and locations of measuring junctions

  • Single or multiple protection tubes

  • Protection tube materials – ceramic, metal or other

  • Mounting fittings or flanges

  • Replacement elements, protection tubes, and components are available.

  • Factory installed lead extensions are suggested. 

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