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Noble Metal Thermocouples

Krumor provides Noble Metal Thermocouples in types R, S, and B calibrations. These assemblies are intended for higher temperature applications, beyond the standard ranges for RTD's, Base Metal, or Sheathed Thermocouples. Due to fluctuating prices of the Noble Metals and their higher cost relative to these other sensors, it is important for customers to work with a manufacturer who has the appropriate experience in this area. Krumor has been manufacturing Noble Metal Thermocouples since 1971. Our increasing number of customers in this specific product area are testimony to the confidence we have earned regarding our quality, service, and pricing policies.

Standard options to consider and discuss include:

  • Wire diameter and calibration – R, S, or B

  • Number and locations of measuring junctions

  • Single or double protection tubes

  • Protection tube materials – ceramic, metal, or precious metal

  • Mounting fittings or flanges

  • Replacement elements, protection tubes, and components are available.

  • Factory installed lead extensions are suggested.

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