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Sheathed Thermocouples

Sheathed Thermocouples represent a miniature and more flexible version of larger industrial assemblies. These units are pressure resistant, moisture proof, and are often utilized whenever light weight and flexibility can simplify the installation process. Sheathed Thermocouples are more rugged, cover a wider temperature range, and provide a faster response to changes in temperature than RTD’s - and at a lower cost. These factors combine to make Sheathed Thermocouples one of the most common types of temperature sensors throughout industry.

Standard options to consider and discuss include:

  • Calibration – R, S, N, K, J, E, T

  • Number of measuring junctions

  • Junction style – Grounded, Ungrounded, Isolated, Exposed

  • Sheath Material – 304SS, 310SS, 316SS, Inc600, PtRh

  • Lead wire size and insulation

  • Mounting fittings – Fixed fitting, compression fitting

  • Termination – Plugs/Jacks, Screw Cover Head 

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